Side Effects - Get Some Important Information About Nootropil (Pracetam).

Nootropil is a commercial name for the Piracetam. Many people want to take this medication for treating their health problems. This medicine is usually used to help people improve their cognitive function. It may include several capabilities, for example memory, thought processes, learning capacity, and some other health issues. This medication can also be used to treat some conditions, such as aesthenia and myoclonus. Both problems are associated with the nerve system in the human body. It can be used for improving the overall function of nerve system. Keep reading this article to find some important things about this medicine. Many doctors recommend their patients to consume this product. There are some health benefits that people can get from this medicine. When people consume this medicine regularly, they can improve their learning abilities. They should be able to improve their memory function effectively. Some people are able to have better focus after consuming this medicine. Nootropil is very effective to improve the overall nerve function. This medicine can be used to improve the communication between both hemispheres on the brain. It can increase the signals between both brain sides. The consumption of Nootropil may improve the development of the brain effectively.
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Side Effects of Nootropil

Although this medicine has a lot of benefits, people should also be careful with this medicine. There are some side effects Nootropil (Piracetam) that people should know. These effects may occur in some sensitive people who have some allergic symptoms. It is important to take a look at some possible effects that may occur in most users. Therefore, people need to consult with their doctors before they consume this supplement for treating their health problems. Here are some common health issues that may occur in some users, especially who are allergic to Piracetam.

1. Nervousness

This is one of the most common side effects that can be caused by this medicine. Piracetam can work by influencing some receptors in the human brain. The human body may need some time to adapt with this chemical substance from the Nootropil. As the result, some people may suffer from the nervousness or shakiness. This situation may occur at the beginning of the Nootropil consumption. However, this situation may not last for a long period of time. Most patients are able to recover from this situation in a few days. They should be able to eliminate this side effect when their body can adapt to this chemical substance.

2. Sleepiness

This is another side effect from the Nootropil. When people consume this medication, they may increase the level of neurotransmitters in their brains. The production of excess neurotransmitter may take a lot of the patients' energy level. This sleepiness can also occur because of the nervousness feeling. It can be a symptom of the body's overreaction against the consumption of this medicine. When people are suffering from this side effect, they should reduce their Piracetam dose. This is not a dangerous side effect for most people, but it can be disturbing for some patients.

3. Headache

When people want to know about some side effects Nootropil (Piracetam), they should take a look at this effect. This is one of the most common side effects from the Piracetam. This situation occurs in about 10 percent of the total users. This situation can happen because the brain produces additional Acetylcholine during the recovery period. This substance may reduce the function of some brain receptors. AS the result, some brain cells cannot work well to support the daily function. There are many other factors that can trigger this symptom in most Nootropil users. This headache can be resolved quickly.

4. Obesity

In some cases, Piracetam or Nootropil can cause obesity or overweight problem in some users. There is no specific factor that can cause this situation from happening. Some experts believe that this situation is related with the affected brain function. When the brain is trying to balance the chemical balance during the recovery period, the body is not be able to control the fat absorption and removal procedure completely. When people are taking this supplement, they should take some healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These healthy foods are good for all users who want to avoid obesity problem.

5. Depression

Some patients are suffering from this situation. There are many factors that can cause this depression problem. This situation can occur because the brain and nerve system cannot function normally. There are some imbalanced hormones that may occur in the brain during the recovery period. This depression problem can be exaggerated when people feel unhappy with their situations. This side effect can be avoided by all patients easily. They need to eliminate all unwanted minds completely. It is a good idea to consult with professional psychologists who know about this depression situation. This depression should be treated immediately, so it doesn't lead to other problems.

6. Weakness

This is one of the most common side effects Nootropil (Piracetam). When people consume this medicine, this product is going to affect the nerve system. Some people may lose their strength after consuming this medicine. Some of them may feel numbness on their limbs, such as arms, hands, feet, and some other parts of the body. Weakness is another common side effect that can be suffered by many patients. However, people don't have to worry about this situation. This side effect doesn't last for a long time. Most patients are able to recover from this situation in a few days.

They are some common side effects that may impact most users. It is recommended for all patients to consult with their professional doctors, so they can avoid some of these health problems easily. It is also important to consume Nootropil based on the right dosage. Don't forget to read all detailed information on the packaging. There are some precautions htat people should take a look about this medicine. This product is not recommended for kids, infants, and pregnant women because it may impact their overall nerve systems. This medicine is a safe product when it is consumed based on the right procedure.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Everything You Should Know About This Drug.

Among the variables the led to the prevalent use of Piracetam is it lacks any serious side effects. This is accurate at very high doses taken over prolonged intervals. The great news is anecdotal and scientific studies have found few side effects, and most are considered moderate.

Side Effects of Using Piracetam

That said, as with any prescription level drug, there are some side effects to be had. They fluctuate considerably from person to person, some individuals experience most of them to none of the common side effects while some expertise. We have written about the tremendously variable dosage from person to person of Piracetam, so you never truly understand if these side effects will affect you until you've attempted the drug yourself.

Here's a breakdown of a few of the side effects that are occasionally reported from frequent use of Piracetam:

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Sleep Patterns

Piracetam has been noted to cause drowsiness in some users, although once again this is dependent on the person. Yet, in other users it's caused restlessness and sleeplessness. In others, it's caused no sleep disruption in any way. Many people even enjoy their new sleeping routine as compared to their pre-piracetam cycle.

When taking Piracetam while same users experience a first drowsiness, others maintain they discover that it's difficult to sleep in any way. Individuals who experience sleeplessness occasionally say that they are more happy during their days and can live their life on less sleep. If you get drowsy when considering Piracetam, it is suggested that you do not attempt to drive or use machinery.

Body Weight

Piracetam frequently causes a reasonable increase in body weight. This can readily be counteracted by altering your diet or exercise program.


Piracetam occasionally causes some kind of stress. The kind of stress can change from person to person. For example some report nervousness or agitation, while others report restlessness. If the effect of Piracetam in your stress levels is quite powerful, it is urged quit using Piracetam and to seek guidance from a physician. Do not stress though, it is quite uncommon to endure such a high degree of character change from the drug.

If you have been taking piracetam for stress and weeks has not gone away, so that the issue does not inhibit other places of your life to discuss it with your physician.

Head Aches

Piracetam, through the issue's effect on acetylcholine (ACh), can cause head aches especially if you're ACh deficient. This is the reason it is suggested to take an excellent acetylcholine nutritional supplement including Alpha GPC along with your Piracetam.

Stomach Upsets

Quite seldom, piracetam is reported to cause gas and bloatedness, abdomen pains in frequent users. Because piracetam targets the central nervous system (CNS), you might gain weight in the first weeks after taking it. It is not usually a tremendous weight gain and it is totally ordinary, while most individuals gain weight when taking Piracetam.

If you find that you just gain lots of weight when taking Piracetam or that you lose weight, it is better to speak with your physician. To be able to counteract the weight gain that is standard, users should conform to a healthful diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Long Term Side Effects?

There are to be any conclusive studies into the long-term side effects of Piracetam in healthy individuals. A study found few noticeable long-term side effects in lab mice, yet the same study is not yet been done on human test subjects.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Libido and Sex Drive

Some users report decrease of libido while a few are still reported by others have reported increased sex drive when getting Piracetam and not using additional nutritional supplements. We've noted that effects are being reported by lots of users within days beginning Piracetam use for the very first time. Piracetam needs a consistent dosing schedule of several weeks before effects are really felt, so it is likely that piracetam side effects on the libido are placebo effects.

Yes, there are side effects of Piracetam, but other users're not considerably more than side effects of other drugs that are similar.

Nevertheless, Piracetam side effects do exist and the ideal way to prevent other users is to take the medicine as directed.

Anybody should be completely alert to potential dangers and its side effects.

Does Piracetam Cause These Effects?

The central nervous system, which effects various procedures in the body is treated by piracetam. Everything from energy and digestion to mood and muscle action is restrained and changed by the central nervous system.

Piracetam has to influence the central nervous system to be able to treat brain disorders. Occasionally side effects of the drug happen since the central nervous system is such a huge part of the body,.

How Do I Prevent Serious Side Effects?

If you would like to restrict the side effects you experience after taking Piracetam, be sure to take the drug exactly as directed. Taking too much of the drug (30 grams in a day) can cause side effects to become more serious. Ensuring to take the medicine at specific times, taking the proper dosage and keeping the drug can help keep side effects at bay.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Piracetam Withdrawal

Considerably less extensively reported than the side effects of Piracetam use that is constant are the occasional reports of Piracetam withdrawal symptoms. This generally only happens in users who go to no dose in any way from a high daily dose of Piracetam.

The abrupt stopping of Piracetam doses that are high (also called Piracetam rebound) can cause the feeling of endeavoring to believe and being dumbed down, slower, less creative. Some anecdotal evidence indicates that those endured from decreased eloquence and suffering from withdrawal had trouble inventing ideas readily.

To prevent these symptoms, to not abruptly cease Piracetam use. Taper off it over a span of 1-2 weeks.

Who is Using Piracetam?

Piracetam can be prescribed for mental illnesses and lots of distinct cognitive, and additionally it is used by an entire host of different kinds of 'recreational' users.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Recreational Users

Piracetam, as stated earlier, is frequently used by those interested in lucid dreaming. Pupils cramming for tests have frequently resorted to Piracetam use to help give them an academic advantage. This really started some controversy around whether or not its use was similar to cheating. Bodybuilders are known to use piracetam thanks to the' effect on body weight. Productivity junkies, entrepreneurs and business owners all have been understood to use Piracetam to help them perform better at work.

Directions for Taking Piracetam

Piracetam is an anticoagulant. As such, be sure to talk with your physician about the following states:

Blood clotting

Recent operation

Unusual bleeding

Brain hemorrhage

Liver difficulties

While you've any of these states taking piracetam can not be harmless.

Directions are generally as follows, while your physician may have particular directions for taking Piracetam:

Take Piracetam two to three times a day.

The beginning dose is usually three in the day, three pills in the morning and three at nighttime.

Take your medicine at the exact same times daily.

Piracetam can be taken either before or after meals - it is unnecessary to take it on an empty or full belly.

It is standard for a heightened dose when you begin on Piracetam to be prescribed.

Always read the label on the package - it'll have certain directions from your physician.

If you happen to forget to take a dose, take it when you remember that you missed it.

Keep Piracetam in a dry and cool area that is not heat or close light.

Make sure to chew a pill or to never break a pill - they must be consumed whole. The pills have a bitter flavor that many people find hard to take care of. If it occurs, ask your physician if you're able to take the medicine that is liquid instead. You can drink something after taking the liquid to help get rid of the bitter flavor, while you should not combine Piracetam with a beverage.

In the brain, it efficiently shields the brain against hypoxia or deficiency of oxygen and the cerebral cortex -- a sentinel that is cerebral. The cerebral cortex is in charge of our higher level cognitive functions like reasoning and sophisticated thought. Moreover, it plays a significant part in reasoning, recognition, perception and motion.

Despite these advantages to your disposition, it is vital that you use Piracetam. To feel the full effects of the drug, take 4.8 grams either 2 or 3 times daily, spread out equally throughout your day. Seasoned users should take no more than 24 grams in a 24 hour interval.

Piracetam Dosage for Focus and Intteligence

Anyone diagnosed with cortical myoclonus would reap the benefits of taking piracetam alongside their physician-prescribed medications. Piracetam helps control arm muscle motions related to CM and the jerky leg. Nevertheless, it is a rarity to locate anyone using Piracetam to treat disorders that are actual (despite its advantages). More frequently, they use it to help enhance learning while examining and foster focus.

The learning boost occurs when BDNF - for learning a critcal protein - is released in our brain, and it is loved by pupils. Based on users, Piracetam helps them stay awake longer and procedure and keep more rote information than ordinary.

Piracetam has been quite popular since the 1960s. It's remarkable effects when used as a treatment for cognitive illnesses. Piracetam has been used as detoxifying agent for alcoholics. It helps improve the oxygen supply to the brain that's frequently a difficulty with alcohol intoxication.

Research additionally found that metabolism can be enhanced by Piracetam. This means there is evidence it can help enhance athletic performance with the assistance of its hypoxia-preventing activity. Also, piracetam additionally helps shield the cardiovascular system. It eases efficient oxygen supply to nerves and the brain. With this, it's believed to help treat health states that result from insufficiency like Atherosclerosis and Raynaud's disease.

Due to the' hypoxia-preventing abilities, piracetam may serve for post-stroke patients and long-term care for coagulation and clotting difficulties including Deep Vein Thrmobosis as part of a treatment regimen. Also, piracetam has additionally been tried in patients who experienced sudden hearing loss and deafness.

It was found it can in fact help them recover their hearing. Individuals with attention deficit disorder additionally gained from taking this nootropic. Despite this medical usage of all

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil - Measuring Piracetam Dosage

The dosages of Piracetam can vary extensively depending on what the individual taking it needs to reach. Bodybuilders before going to the fitness center who take it may take as much as 1200 milligrams to get a substantial number once. On the other hand, students who are studying for long intervals might want to attempt spacing it out and taking 400 milligram doses. There's such a thing as overdoing it, while individuals cannot overdose on piracetam. But this is dependent upon the individual and their allowance.

Before anyone begins taking piracetam, they should seek the guidance of physician. There are a number of people that will not be permitted to take this medication. This is particularly true for anyone with the following:

Allergies to medicine

Liver or kidney issues

Huntington's chorea

Formerly had a brain hemorrhage.

Blood clotting disorders

People who are breastfeeding, pregnant or attempting to get pregnant.

Those who are taking Piracetam to treat vasospastic, clotting and coagulation issues including deep vein thrombosis and Raynaud's and deep-vein thrombosis typically take 4.8 to 9.6 grams of piracetam on a daily basis broken up into three doses at 8-hour time intervals. Many people choose more in an effort to enhance their cognitive abilities.

Read first:
the best way to take Piracetam the correct manner

Piracetam is a medication that is water soluble, meaning it will not remain inside the body and is excreted in urine. Furthermore, it does not need to be taken with meals or any food at all Piracetam is far better on an empty stomach. You run by means of this checklist, before taking the Piracetam:

Read the labels carefully first before taking the medication. The list also contains its side effects and the proper Piracetam dosage.

Piracetam should be taken just as the physician approves. Usually, it begins with nine pills on a daily basis that are broken up into three doses in the morning, midday and in the evening. The physician may raise the dosage over the first few weeks.

Piracetam has a bitter flavor. Chewing and breaking the pill isn't a good thought. The best thing to do is swallow the tablet whole with water. Piracetam may be taken in liquid form which could be appropriate for people who can not take the pill.

After taking liquid piracetam, follow it up with a glass of juice or water to eliminate the bitter flavor. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be combined with any other liquid.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil

People must take each dose at exactly the same time daily, to ensure the appropriate regimen is followed. Doing so enables people to readily recall every dose. After or before meals is the ideal time.

If a dose is missed, take it right away or as soon as it's remembered. The same agenda still ought to be followed with the next dose

Common (and avoidable) Side Effects of Piracetam

Side effects of Piracetam change determined by the user's body reaction to the drug. While many studies say it is "hopeless" overdose on Piracetam because it is excreted by urine, others say it can cause serious difficulties in blood flow. This is particularly accurate to patients using the drug to treat blood disorders.

The piracetam brand Neuro-Foster claims that there have been no recorded side effects related to the drug. There have just been a few recorded instances of patients experiencing headache and insomnia. Specialists say that it's a good idea to use Piracetam with other drugs, but the physician should approves it.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil

This may contain choline. Studies say that choline and piracetam work synergistically to ease neurotransmitter flow that is easy as choline helps restore the neurotransmitters that are lost. It's seen that choline helps reduce the side effects of piracetam.

Lucid dreaming with Nootropil

Users should also remember that piracetam must be stowed and kept. It needs to be shielded from direct heat and light in areas that kids can not reach. Also, users should never share the medicine with others. Anyone who would like to use piracetam should seek the guidance and acceptance of physician before taking it. The user should not take more than the prescribed dose.