Dosage of Nootropil Tablets

The most common and popular nootropic products available in the market are Nootropic 800 mg and 400 mg. It can be a hard thing to determine the dosage that is suitable for you to have the effects of intelligence boosting that is usually found with the review of Nootropil. It is very much important for considering the dosage of the supplement like that of any other supplement that you are consuming. The supplement with different dosage usually produces a different kind of effect on your body. It is because of the difference in the effects produced by various levels of dosage that manufacturers come with recommended levels of dosage. You should have clear idea about the effects produced by Nootropil and the uses of 400 and 800 mg of nootropil.
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About Nootropil

Nootropil is a Nootropic supplement that is much popular and which has undergone great deal of research. This supplement is also known by the name Piracetam and was developed in the year of 1960s and is considered as the father of smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. There are many studies conducted on the effects of Nootropil on nervous system. IT is a medication that is non toxic and entirely safe for the body. The supplement is tolerated well by humans and is good on the adults who are healthy and the ones suffering from some cognitive conditions or diseases.

Working of Nootropil

Nootropil can work on any modulating chemical structure of receptors that are post synaptic in brain. The real mechanism related with the action of this supplement is still not known. This can work by modulating the areas of brain which are called as the sites of Acetycholine receptor as pore the most popular theory based on this. The Noortopil can bin the sites of receptor which are found on the neutrons for making them more sensitive towards the glutamate and acetylcholine. This can help in increasing the resting potential of the nerve cells so that they can communicate faster and efficiently. Supplement also has got the capacity for crossing the barrier of blood brain much easier compared to other compounds that are used as brain supplements.

The work can continue by inhibiting the acetylcholine breakdown that has the capability for influencing cognitive processes, learning and also memory. This can help in increasing activity between neutron and can result in the connections that are called synapses. Nootropil van also help in increasing the oxygen supply to the brain. It can also result in the enhancement of glucose uptake and also the metabolism of brain. It has the capability for improving the brain energy level and can have numerous additional effects.

The benefits that you get out of Nootroil can change from one person to another along with the change in the supplement. The increase in the learning capacity and memory can be considered as subtle change in certain individuals while it can be robust in some others.

There are people who found the supplement good in providing improvements in the other sensory perceptions like hearing and visual accuracy. This supplement also can help in increasing the attention span as well as the metal energy of the individuals. There are many people who have git enhanced concentration and focus with the consumption of this supplement. There are certain people who got better confidence and motivation too with the consumption of this supplement.

Effective Dosage

Nootropil is a supplement that can provide the expected results only if it is consumed in the right dosage. If the medication is consumed in less amount of quantity, there are chances for it provide with expected results. Too much of the consumption of this supplement can result in various side effects that include gastrointestinal distress, nervousness and headaches. Most of the experts suggests to have minimum effective - dosage of this mediation is really much high. Most of the studies on this supplement have used the dosage within the range of 4 – 5 grams in every day. Most of the users do the mistakes of consuming very less quantity of it and then stop consuming it by complaining about the effectiveness of the supplement. It is better to have at least 4 grams of this supplement in a day and for some people 5 grams can be the perfect dosage.

800 Mg v/s 400 MgThe major confusion that arises when the users go for purchasing Nootropil is whether to consume 400 or 800 mg for the better effects. The fact is that both these have the similar composition of they are bought from reputed store. The effects produced by both these supplements can be same and the only thing that can differ in them is the dosage that should be considered for the consumption of them. For having a daily dosage of 4.8 grams, you need to have 12 tablets of 400 mgs and 6 tablets of 800 mg. There is also possibility for mixing the supplement with milk, water or juice for easier consumption by opening the capsules. If you find this method is more effective or if it sits the one that you find comfortable to follow, the better thing is to get the powder and it is the most cost effective solution compare to the capsules.

Using Nootropil

You should know the exact way of using the nootropil. It is suggested that the supplement is good to be consumed in smaller segments in several times within a day. You can start having the medication from morning and then should have some amount in the afternoon and should have in the evening too. The major reason for having it different dosages is due to the shorter life of this supplement. This medication can exist only to about 2 to 3 hours. There are chances for this also to vary in different people. There is also a suggested not to have the medication at late evening that is by night because this can make you brain more active and alert which can make it hard for you to sleep. You can prevent this simply by ensuring your last dosage is taken around 4 PM and no later.